Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 Easy Steps when Building your Business Brand

By Susie King october 2010
The purpose of building your business brand is to ensure that you remain in the hearts and minds of both your potential and target market, increase sales, become an industry expert and provide a means in which to lead your employees. Check out the 3 C’s when building your business brand online
Write sizzling value adding CONTENT. Regularly adding high-quality content to your website, blogs and social media is one of the main things you can do to build your business brand. Always think of new ways you can help your visitors by adding articles, tips, and helpful information that can be used immediately and that will generate great results for those who read and implement what you have suggested. When writing your content, always think of the audience in which you are writing for – language, style, formatting and content is all determined by your audience.
The other factor to consider when writing great content is the overall structure of the piece. Makes sure it is easy for both your visitors and the search engines to find so that your hard work is recognized, after all you may be an excellent writer, providing great content, but if no one knows about it, then it isn’t doing a lot of good. ( also you know if your content is hitting the mark, when people start to comment and pass on your content -  this is gold when building your business brand)
You really can’t go wrong by adding quality content on a regular basis. Not only does it position you as an expert, it also builds trust, credibility, drives increased traffic to your website all the while building your business brand. So why not start today -  your inner author is calling you…
Become a CHARACTER. What differentiates you and your market is the character in which you play - now don’t get me wrong, this is not about being someone you’re not and the most authentic characters are often the ones that are the best, just think of Richard Branson, Donald Trump or Aussie Rob. When creating a strong brand having a character that stands out is key. There are three types of that should be considered when forming your character
  • the ‘small town hero’, or ‘average Joe done good’. This is the person who is just like their target audience; however they have had incredible success and achieved greatness. The purpose of this character is to lead your audience into believing that if they follow your program, use your services of buy your products they too will also have the desired results. Can you think of any big brand business owners who have used this style of character
  • the resurrection character. This is the person who loses everything and then is resurrected from the grave so to speak. This is the character that creates a common enemy to overcome and triumphs. Can you think of any big brand business owners who have used this character
  • Reluctant Hero. This is the person who stands up and leads because no one else will. Their story explains how they never wanted to be a leader, successful, expert, however because of their ability, hard work etc… they became that person by default. Can you think of any big brand business owners who have used this character when creating their brand
A great character has a combination of all three and the entire purpose is to inspire and build rapport between you and your target audience. A key when developing your character is to be the marketer, rather than the market, or more simply, be who your market wants to become.
And finally,
Consistency is key. As with most things, being consistent is the key, especially when building your brand. This means making sure that you are constantly reminding your target audience of who you are, what you can do and how valuable you really are. Just like with all things, being consistent is an art form in itself and requires discipline, planning and being proactive. Scheduling in a blog writing day every fortnight, or updating your social media sites at a certain time every day are all steps in consistently building your business brand.
Consistency with your message is another important area, always ensure you know what your message is and consistently build that message in every thing that you do.
Building a brand really can be simple, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – Just remember the 3 C’s Content, Character and Consistency.
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