Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 and a half tips for getting your business brand out there

ok, so you have a business, but no one knows who you are and what you do? This doesnt sound like much a business does it?  Recently I attended the wealth and achievement billionaire adventure club and  got the pleasure to be mentored by Scott Martineau, who has worked with greats like Chris Howard and Dr Wayne Dyer to name a few. In his session what interested me is how he defined what having a business looked like and in particular the number of members (customers, clients, followers etc...) a business had. According to Scott a business with 1000 members is a hobby, 10,000 is a small businesss and 50,000 followers is a million dollar a business. So how do you get followers of this size?

Strategy 1: Social Media: facebook, twitter, LinkedIn are probably the three most important spaces to be on and this is putting it mildly. According to facebook has over half a billion active users and is major competition to Google. Not a bad space to advertise your business brand.   The trick to using social media for business is to keep it social, that means build relationships, getting to know your target audience and offer great value. Creating fan pages and profiles is a great way to create a following -  however be warned, coming in with a sales pitch  is the fastest way to lose followers, its kind of like asking a man to marry you on the first date and telling him that your bone structures combined will make beautiful babies

Strategy 2: Blogging -  again this is great to create a brand and a means to be a leading expert in your field -  however with blogging get creative and use different means such as video blogging – Youtube is great for this, picture blogging and traditional blogging such as this.

Strategy 3: Systems – having a system that tracks your members and how they respond to your brand such as message, products, free content and all the great value you offer is key. If you are getting less than sparkly results try another approach. Set 90 days strategies and monitor your results and change and adapt when appropriate. A business brand can be turned around in 90 days

Strategy 4: Publicity, publicity, publicity and make it professional. This doesn’t have to be expensive either -  getting the media, whether that be online of offline to promote your business is one of the best ways to promote your business brand. Also think outside the traditional methods of publicity, word of mouth  is still the best way to get your business to succeed -  think about people who you can get to promote your business. This could be a happy client, a close friend, another complimentary business and or the media.

Strategy 5: Your net worth is your network. Name dropping is a great way to build your brand and create credibility around who you are and what your business does. Get to know experts in your field and utilise their brand to build your own. This may feel slightly strange at first but the one of the fastest ways of increasing your business brand profile .

Strategy and a half: Never do things half heartedly when it comes to your brand.  As Shellie Hunt would say keep your standards high!!

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m off to build my business brand – if you have any other strategies or would like to leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

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