Sunday, October 24, 2010

Business branding is like getting ready for a first date

Have you ever noticed that creating a business brand is similar to when you go on a first date with a new guy. It’s exciting, fun and there is definitely a process to be followed. It’s about having that right balance between showing who you are and being able to focus and draw attention from Mr Right, or in business terms your dream client. As with dating, business branding should leave a tantalising taste that keeps them coming back for more – so pop the bubbly, turn on the music and let’s get your brand dressed.

Pushup Bra -  getting your best assets out there
Your business brand is similar to a great pushup bra, it is there to support and enhance your best assets. The best is the one that is aesthetically pleasing as well as having great structure shape and form. How many times have you ever seen a brand that doesn’t fit its owner? In the same way as an ill fitting bra, a poorly fitted brand can result in your best assets looking flat, saggy and let’s face it unattractive. A great brand helps create a full and perky look!

Show a little skin – a free taste but don’t do a Britney
A saying a friend of mine likes to say, ‘always show some skin – sex sells, however we don’t need to see it all’. A business brand always shows off some skin and entices the viewer to want to touch, see, taste and ultimately find out more. However in saying this, don’t sell yourself short and give away too much!  As with a first date – mystery is key. Think about some of the great brands out there that manage to do this, for instance Lynx, which is currently celebrating 25 years of helping men ‘get ahead in the mating game’ is genius at showing a little skin and I’m not talking about the women they use in their ads. Lynx is king at giving away free samples of their products because they know the end result will be a solid brand, increased sales and return purchases. It is however important not to give too much away and I see this happen frequently with start up businesses. In giving too much free stuff away it can potentially cheapen your brand, as they say in the dating world if the milks free then why would you buy the cow or in Hollywood – don’t do a Britney!

Seamless Panties – keeping the behind the scenes private (again don’t do a Britney)
Having systems behind the scenes supporting your business brand such as auto responders, client files, database management etc... is much the same as a good pair of seamless panties to a LBD. The point of the system is to stay invisible to the outside world, while all the time holding everything together and creating great form. As with choosing the perfect pair of panties a system needs to be well fitted, too big and you have gaps and excess baggage, too small and you risk unattractive bulges. When choosing your system make sure you pick one that will support and highlight your brand as well as being easy to use.

Makeup: covering up that which is a little rough
Your logo, images, colours and format styles is much the same as makeup. It’s the stuff that isn’t the most important thing in the world, but helps to make everything look pretty. As with makeup you definitely want your brand to reflect your business’s beauty, as well as being attractive to your target audience. There is no point in doing big black eyeliner, bright red lips and heavy foundation if your date likes a more natural look and vica versa. What this means is know what works for you and your target audience and when you do really work it.  Just with make up, your business logos etc.. can range from the really expensive (think Chanel) or cheap (think Australis).

Accessorise, but before you leave remember to take one thing off (don’t over promise)
Ever seen a person over accessorised, this is similar to the business that over promises and under delivers. I think this would have to be one of the fastest ways to kill your business brand, much the same way rings on every finger, bagles, scarfs earings, belts, bags necklaces can kill a good look. So before saying yes to what you are offering take the time to look in the mirror and ask can I really deliver everything I say im going to deliver and more, if not then take some things away. Sometimes the most simplest of offers can often be the best.
And finally

Great Conversation
It doesn’t matter how the attractive the  person your dating appears, if they don’t have great conversation, add value and have depth then the likely hood of going beyond the first date is slim to none. A great brand is created by adding amazing value, forming solid relationships and having depth.

To love and branding success – I would love to know your opinion on brands that you would consider marrying or those that you would you use the ‘emergency get me out of here call on’, enter them below.

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